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Check out this teaser from the book below:


Ember’s mind raced. As much as Rane put on a show of simply waiting to heal, she knew he hadn’t just escaped in here for a weapon. He was in pain. And the battle outside was waging strong, if the terrifying sounds were any indication.

Ember gulped and slowly approached Rane, rolling up her sleeve as she moved closer to him.

His eyes darkened immediately, and he stumbled back onto his cot. “What do you think you’re doing?” His eyes may have blackened, but there was a glossiness to them that revealed his nervousness.

Ember let out a shaky breath and knelt in front of him. “Take mine. Your crew needs you. Besides, I didn’t come all this way to watch you barely make it through a little skirmish.” She tried to lighten the mood and smiled.

Her attempts at humor didn’t get through to Rane. She could sense the lust had taken over as he stared at her arm. His gray eyes were completely black and unblinking. Rane ran his finger over her skin slowly, and Ember shivered.

He jerked his hand back immediately. “No.” Rane closed his eyes and Ember noticed his nostrils flare rapidly.

“You don’t have much of a choice here,” she urged, scooting toward to the bed and holding her arm out again.

Rane closed his eyes and he scrunched his face. Finally, he took hold of her arm and, without looking at her, sunk his fangs into her flesh.


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