The Saga Concludes February 25th!

The Time Traveler’s Fate

Her journey through time, spanning centuries, has all come down to this.

Ember Brighton has finally run out of time. With her magic bound to an insurmountable evil, threatening to eliminate her and her loved ones once and for all, she’s desperate and limited on options.

MacGregor may not be the brains behind the time traveler’s destruction, but he has caused complete devastation. The fae leading the crusade to eliminate Ember and her family has ensured MacGregor has all he needs to seal their fates and ruin their ability to balance time.

With so much at stake, every choice is critical. Every moment could spell the end if things don’t fall into place as they should.

The power Ember possessed will have to be regained, but will who she was be enough to defeat not only MacGregor, but the fae against them as well? And how great a sacrifice will be made in the end to ensure she succeeds?

Fans of the Outlander and A Shade of Vampire series won’t be able to put down the epic conclusion to this time traveling, paranormal romance saga!

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