Have you snagged YOUR copy of Souls and Shadows yet?

I wanted to pop in and give you, not only an exclusive teaser to my novel within this box set, The Time Traveler’s Awakening, but also to provide a little background on why this new series is SO near and dear to me.

My grandfather was always so proud that I was writing. He didn’t care what it was about, he would brag to his friends and our family constantly (even though, there was really nothing to brag about!!). We were in Philadelphia for one of his cancer treatments, and as we sat in his hotel room we started spitballing ideas for a new series. He loved this restaurant called the Moshulu, and some of the history the ship-turned-restaurant held. We started piecing together ideas for a time travel adventure involving the ship, and thus the Magic Bound Saga was born!

Unfortunately, he passed away before I ever got any of this new series written. The time has come to bring this adventure to life and I’m thrilled to not only share it with you all, but to put out the story that my grandfather helped me imagine.

Not only is this story one I’ve been waiting to write to make it AMAZING, but as you know – Souls and Shadows is aiming to hit the USA Today Bestsellers List. To make that list alone is a dream of mine, but to do it with a story created with someone I loved so much would be even greater!

Now that you have the background of my story within the set, and why it’s so important to me, how about a quick, exclusive teaser just for you?


“I’m coming, Mom,” she whispered.

Everything happened just as before, only this time, she expected it. The light, the tug in her gut.

Almost everything. She arrived somewhere dark, and before her eyes had a moment to adjust, she was grabbed from behind.

“Hey,” she yelped, flailing her legs in the air.

Ember tried to twist her body, but the steely grip that held her was unyielding. She twisted again, swinging her feet to try to kick a shin, or something of her attacker.

The male holding her grunted once, but then laughed.

She was set down firmly into a chair, but not in a way that hurt her.

Ember wasn’t going to stay put without a fight and immediately tried to scramble up and away from the chair, and the stranger in the dark. She feared whoever it was must have had her mother, too.


A flaming candle appeared near the chair as she attempted to move further away from it.

She didn’t get far. She was picked up by both arms and lifted effortlessly, right back into the chair.

Only this time, the person putting her in place, knelt in front of her. 

“You,” she said accusingly.

Ember’s eyes went wide at the sight before her.

Something had gone very wrong on this jump, indeed.

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