Here it is! Sorry for the delay everyone. James Rymer sat down with me last Tuesday and answered some “Fan” questions as well as some of my own. I hope you enjoy. If there is anything he didn’t answer, be sure to let me know. He agreed to a follow-up interview down the road. I’m sure there will be plenty more to talk to him about.


Me: “Thanks for hanging out tonight, James! Everyone is really excited to get to know more about you. You’re always so reserved.”

James raises his eyebrow and smiles at me as he sits, leaning back against my couch. His arm is propped up on the side and his left leg is crossed over his right. He is wearing a grey fitted shirt and dark jeans. SWOON!

James: “Am I supposed to get really personal?” He asks, almost nervously.

Me: I can’t help but laugh at the question. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, but there are some questions I’m hoping for honest answers to.”

James: “Okay, I’ll try.” He chuckles.

Me: “So, I have some questions to ask you and then you are going to share a teaser about Book 2 for the readers. Does that sound good?”

James: “Let’s do it.” He smiles again.

Me: “I’ll start easy.” I reply grinning. I can’t help it. “Where were you born?”

James: “Colorado. There is a remote area that my grandfather and parents have land in, in the mountains. I don’t really give away more of a location than that, usually.”

Me: Oh James, still so reserved. “That’s fine. Did you go to school? If so, where?”

James: “All Protectors go to the Training Academy, not school. While there is an education portion to it, much of it is simply training for attacks, strategy, physical endurance testing, that kind of stuff.”

Me: “Oh. Do you enjoy traveling?”

James: “I really only travel if the person I’m protecting travels. I enjoy it if I’ve had time to take a look at the area and know my surroundings. Otherwise, it can be difficult to relax.”

Me: “That makes sense. So, we saw the tension between you and Ariya throughout Protected. What are your views on dating and marriage?”

James: He clears his throat. “I’ve dated a few vampires, no humans, ever. Until, Ariya. As far as marriage goes, vampires don’t really get married. Since we have immortality, things work a bit differently. It isn’t a process like human marriages, since there are no blood tests or licenses that need to be obtained. Even though vampires do not normally marry, I happen to believe in the institution. I’m unique to my kind in the sense that I believe in God and in the idea of marriage. While I believe in those things, I don’t believe marriage is in my future, nor do I believe a more permanent bond with another vampire is in my future. I take my duty to protect the bloodline very seriously, and while it’s a wonderful notion, marriage is not something that I am going to be partaking in.

Me: Yea, I’m obviously frowning. Since I’m planning on more personal questions later, I’ll let him have this one. Even though I don’t believe him. “What people do you most admire?”

James: “I admire Nick for his adaptability. He is not of the original bloodline, yet his heroism and dedication to the Protector calling has proven to match even my own. Even when taking Caroline’s transition and training upon himself, he still performed his duties flawlessly.”

Me: “Speaking of Nick, how did you guys meet?”

James: James relaxes visibly at this question and smiles. “I was guarding Emma at the time. She was living in New York, trying to make it as an actress.” He rolls his eyes, which only makes me smile more. “The Palace Theater opened on March 24th, 1913 and she wanted to be there. Her mother took her and I had one other Protector with me. Given that it was New York, during a major opening event, we wanted to be careful. Ed Wynn was the main performer that evening, and he had quite a following. The event had drawn a large crowd. I was a bit further away from Emma and her mother than the other Protector that accompanied me. I noticed a scuffle off to the side of the building. A man was being beaten by a large looking group of brutes, while a young girl stood crying, only a few feet away. Seeing as nothing was happening in the line where Emma was, I motioned to my partner that I was going to investigate. I saw the lone young man, bloodied, but standing his ground against a group of four angry drunk men. I scared them off and tried talking to man left behind, asking what happened and if he needed help. He looked at me, wordlessly, stood up on shaky legs, and walked over the crying girl. She couldn’t have been more than twelve. He handed her a silver locket from his hand. She gave him a hug and ran off. I was in awe. I wanted to know more about him. Did he know this girl he helped? His heart was clearly loyal, whether he knew her or not. He turned to thank me, and then started wandering off into the shadows. I stopped him and tried talking to him. I learned his name was Nick and asked if he’d like to spend time learning what I do, telling him that I was in a sort of protection service. He said he was sorry, but had no money to pay for any kind of training. I felt a connection to him though. He was a good person, a Protector at heart. I convinced him to spend the evening learning. I got him a place to stay, near where Emma’s home was, and over the next few months he learned about me, and what we truly did. He was my very first friend. He was the first person I felt understood why I was so passionate about the job. He took on his own passion for the role and was turned before the year ended, although he didn’t like Emma.” James laughs. “There hasn’t been a job I’ve been on without him since, with the exception of the night Ariya’s grandmother died. I trained him myself.”

Me: “Wow. I feel like we have so much to learn about Nick still. It’s obvious you two are close.”

James: “He’s a good man.”

Me: “What, if anything, would you like to change about your life?”

James: “I’m honored to live the life I do. I take pride in having a life that protects those who can’t protect themselves. I cannot imagine anything that would change that, or make me want to change that.” I notice James shifts uncomfortably as he says that last part.

Me: “Is there anything you are lying to yourself about? Or anything you try to convince yourself is not true, but is?” Oh this is juicy!

James: He took on a serious expression here. “I don’t know if I’m lying to myself, but there are things I wish I was stronger to resist.”

Me: “Are you referring to your relationship with Ariya?” Whew, I’m getting bold.

James: His eyes twinkled at the mention of Ariya’s name. “Ariya is one of the most beautiful beings I have ever seen. It is not her outward beauty that attracts me, although, she is breathtaking. It’s her aptitude to love. Her grandmother was the same way, and I admire that ability. She loves as if it was the most important thing in the world. She loves others like there is no one else alive to do it but her, so she must perform to the best of her ability constantly. It is difficult to not be attracted to someone who exudes that much positive energy and life.”

Me: “Really? That’s all you have to say?” I manage the most sarcastic tone I can in his presence.

James: “What would you like me to say?” He shrugs and I swear if vampires could blush, I’m sure he would be right now. I think he loves her.

Me: “Well, you all are together now, how is it going?”

James: “The days we’ve been together have been the best of my existence. My job of protecting her is no longer an assignment, or my duty; it’s a necessity. I cannot imagine a world she is not a part of.”


Me: Okay, I’ll give you a break on the super personal stuff. How do you think you are viewed by others?”

James: He full on smiles here and if I wasn’t sitting on my couch, I would have fallen over at the sight. I don’t know how Ariya stands being so near to him without being a mess. “Difficult to deal with.  I believe Ariya and Caroline would call me stubborn, but I know what the right moves to make are. That is one of the things that has made my courtship with Ariya so difficult. I know the struggles and challenges it will bring, but it is the one thing that I am going against my better judgment on.”

Me: “How much self-control and self-discipline would you say you have?”

James: “More than most. Although, that’s been put to the test lately.”

Me: I grin in response to that answer. “What is your biggest fear?”

James: “The decisions that others might make that could throw off strategy. Currently, Ariya is putting my limits to the test on that one.” He actually winks here. Man, he’s a hottie.

Me: “What’s a talent you have that we don’t know about?”

James: “I play the guitar.”

Me: “Seriously? Can we hear?”

James: “Maybe at the next interview. I didn’t bring it with me today.”

Me: I’m sitting here thinking I can’t take much more of him, and I don’t think jumping him is really an option for me. “What is your favorite color?”

James: “If I say blue, will you smirk again and ask the personal questions?”

Me: I don’t really understand this response. “Why would I smirk?”

James: He looks at me, surprised. “Oh, well then, blue.”

Me: “Wait, no. Now you have to tell me? Why would you think I would smirk?”

James: “Maybe I’ll tell you at the end of this interview.”

Me: “All right, well I only have two more questions. What is the best way to spend a weekend?”

James: He’s is still smiling even as I ask this next question. I can feel my cheeks getting red and I’m a bit embarrassed at myself for that reaction. “How I spend my weekend mostly depends on those I’m protecting, and how they spend their weekends.” He paused and grinned, almost evilly, at me. “How private would you like me to get? Your eyes keep lighting up like I’m going to say something extremely special.”

Me: Here I go, blushing again. “Well, readers of Ariya’s story want to get to know you. I told you already I wanted you to open up, but if you prefer to keep some secrets, I’ll have to respect it.”

James: He pondered this for a minute, and then looked back and me, now with his side smile. “I’ve only done it once, but reading with Ariya would probably top most weekends I’ve had.”

Me: I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat. “What would be a great gift for someone to get you?”

James: “Moving around a lot causes me not to carry around a lot of things. Gifts have made me feel uncomfortable in the past. However, Ariya’s Christmas gift was perfect.”

Me: “What did she get you for Christmas?”

James: “Have they not read that far, yet?”

Me: Now, I’m smirking. I love having secrets! “No, that’s coming out in Book 2.”

James: “Oh, can I tell?”

Me: “Yes, please!”

James: “She gave me a framed picture of us at Halloween. She was embarrassed and thought it wasn’t enough, which is ridiculous. It was personal and it was taken on a night I’ll never forget.”

Me: “Why won’t you ever forget it?” I tried using an innocent voice, but I know he sees right through me.

James: “It was the night of our first kiss. I know you know that, Anna”

Me: Obviously, saw right through me on that one. “Have I tested your patience enough for one night?”

James: “It wasn’t that bad.”

Me: “Thank you so much for taking time to do this. It was fun.” I shake his hand and in this moment I wish I got to be Ariya for a day.

James: “Thank you, Anna. It was fun, I’ll admit it.” He’s side smiling at me now as he puts on a sleek black leather coat over his shirt. He stands, towering over me as I continue to sit. Honestly, I don’t trust my own legs to stand steadily right now. He told me before we started he’d show himself out when we were done, and he stars walking for the door.

Me: “Wait! Now that we are done, why did the color comment make you think I was going to smirk?”

James: He turns, smiling back at me.  “The teaser I picked is on the table, by the way.” I nod, but look at him, waiting impatiently for his answer.  He shakes his head. “Blue is the color of Ariya’s eyes. Personal enough for you?” He winks and walks out of my house

Oh for all that is good in the world, I didn’t need another reason to swoon over this man. I open the paper he left on the table and read the teaser he has picked. It’s leading up to one of the big reveals! That cheat is giving away a big part here…but I told him he could pick, so here it goes!

******TEASER #1 from Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy (this has not gone through final edits)

“He can’t hear, feel, see, or smell you, Ariya. So please pay attention now. Tristan isn’t very patient either, like me, and he’s been dying to get James back for killing his brother.”

Tristan’s teeth glistened at that remark, and I became truly afraid. Tristan’s brother must have been Devon. That’s the only death on James’ hands, besides Emma, that I knew about. Unless this has nothing to do with me and has everything to do with some other part of James’ 250 year life. The thought seemed unlikely.

“What do you want?” I questioned, trying desperately to make my voice sound stronger than I felt.

“I want you to come with me. Tristan is here for persuasion, should we need it. Tristan?” She turned to him and he lifted the stake he had carried in, twirling it in his hands, and stepping in front of James.

“Stop it!” I said. “Don’t you dare touch him!” Instinctively, I stepped towards James’ unmoving body. He still sat as if nothing in the world was happening around him, and all was well.

The woman held up her hand to Tristan.

“When I wake you up I want you to walk back into this living room and out the door with us. You cannot touch James as you leave. Either you come with us, or Tristan destroys him and we force you with us anyway. If you cooperate, he’ll live.”

My heart stopped and a pit formed in my already upset stomach. This was like Emma all over again. James would be betrayed that I left, but what choice did I have?

Leave quietly or he dies.

His death was not something I would be able to handle. I needed him alive, and if I did leave quietly, he’d be alive to find me. I know he will be able to. There was no other choice but to go with these new monsters.

“Come with us quietly, Ariya.” The woman said to me again, sternly. I didn’t want to try her patience and risk anything happening to James.

“Wake me up and I’ll do whatever you want, but please, please back away from him.” I begged.


Oh man, I can’t wait for more! A big thank you to James Rymer for spending time with us. I hope you all enjoyed!!