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The Time Traveler’s Awakening

Prequel to the Magic Bound Saga

Evil has tipped the scales in the balance of time. Ember just doesn’t know it yet.

Ember Brighton knows exactly what she wants in life, and how to get there, until she finds out her life is intricately woven and laid out…and not in any of the ways she planned.

Unbeknownst to Ember, her family has a secret, unique ability to travel through time, and Ember’s about to become part of the mission to stop the evil that threatens them all.

Her first adventure leads her right into the arms of Rane Andersson, an unlikely ally. But he’s not who he appears to be, and time is running out to uncover the truth to save her future.

With everything she loves at stake, Ember is forced to take matters into her own hands, no matter how dangerous the circumstances turn out to be.

Fans of the Outlander and A Shade of Vampire series won’t be able to put this epic time travel, paranormal romance down!

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The Time Traveler’s Magic

Book 1 of the Magic Bound Saga

Someone is watching her from the shadows. And stopping him could change history.

A stranger thrusts Ember Brighton into another time, where she learns her crumbling life has a greater purpose. Pursuing this new life, however, will leave her loved ones in danger until she realizes who she is and what she’s capable. If she fails to work quickly enough, her mother’s deadly fate will be sealed.

When the confident and mysterious Rane Andersson shows up at all the right moments to help, Ember can’t help but distrust his motives. Without him, though, she’s left with more questions than answers, and more people trying to kill her than she can fight off alone.

Despite her reservations, she’s forced to put her faith in him. Now Ember’s running out of time to find her way home, save her mother, and fix the balance of time itself. 

Will her run-ins with rogue vampires and evil shifters prove to be more than she can overcome? Or can Ember face her destiny head on?

Fans of the Outlander and A Shade of Vampire series will be hooked on the newest time traveling, paranormal romance saga!

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The Time Traveler’s Vampire

Book 2 of the Magic Bound Saga

To save the one she loves, Ember must risk it all in a magical battle that’s been lifetimes in the making.

As their enemy grows more powerful, Ember Brighton and Rane Andersson are at a loss for how to stop him and restore the balance of time. As their villainous counterpart seems to glean more information on Ember and her time traveling abilities, time is running out to stop him before he becomes impossible to stop. 

Retracing their steps may be the only way to discover secrets to eliminating the threat to themselves and to Ember’s remaining family. A mysterious stone that Ember possesses may hold the answers she needs, or worse…the trouble she doesn’t.

But evil isn’t all that’s brewing in this time traveler’s world. The knowledge of being bound to Rane Andersson somehow won’t stop playing in the back of Ember’s mind. But with centuries between them, how bound could they actually be? 

When it comes down to it, is the growing connection between Ember and Rane for good, or will it be their downfall as they risk everything to keep the other safe?

Fans of the Outlander and A Shade of Vampire series will devour the next installment of the newest time traveling, paranormal romance saga! 

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The Time Traveler’s Fate

Book 3 of the Magic Bound Saga

To save the one she loves,Her journey through time, spanning centuries, has all come down to this.

Ember Brighton has finally run out of time. With her magic bound to an insurmountable evil, threatening to eliminate her and her loved ones once and for all, she’s desperate and limited on options.

MacGregor may not be the brains behind the time traveler’s destruction, but he has caused complete devastation. The fae leading the crusade to eliminate Ember and her family has ensured MacGregor has all he needs to seal their fates and ruin their ability to balance time.

With so much at stake, every choice is critical. Every moment could spell the end if things don’t fall into place as they should.

The power Ember possessed will have to be regained, but will who she was be enough to defeat not only MacGregor, but the fae against them as well? And how great a sacrifice will be made in the end to ensure she succeeds?

Fans of the Outlander and A Shade of Vampire series won’t be able to put down the epic conclusion to this time traveling, paranormal romance saga!

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