The Alliance of Power Duology

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A Hunter Within

He’s the vampire king of the northern territories. She has no idea who she truly is. Together, they’ll take on an evil that threatens to destroy them both.

When Research Scientist Jules Parker lands an internship at the most prestigious pharmaceutical company in the country, Falcone Industries, it’s not what she’d hoped. After all, there’s hardly a fine line between taking a volunteer and shackling someone down before injecting poison into their body.

As she attempts to uncover the truth, she finds her own life in danger. Until Seeley Ronan, vampire king, saves her life, introducing a strange and powerful connection between the two of them. He’s sexy, dangerous, and a major distraction…and reveals Falcone is run by rogue hunters who are harming innocent vampires in a quest for power.

Desperate to protect his people, Seely needs Jules’ help. But that means she’ll have to turn her back on the only path she’s ever known. She’s in way over her head, her world is about to change in a big way, and none of them could possibly be prepared for what comes next.

Fans of Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton will sink their teeth into A HUNTER WITHIN, Book 1 in this exciting paranormal romance series by Anna Applegate!

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A Hunter Rises

She’s their last hope in a war that’s been brewing since before she knew who she really was.

After successfully taking back Falcone Industries, Jules is forced to come to terms with who and what she truly is. With the help of Seeley Ronan, her Vampire King, Jules learns what it means to be not only a vampire hunter, but a leader and a warrior as well. In the process, their attraction grows into a relationship that neither of them can deny. But being together isn’t an option in their world.

Seeley and Jules’ personal dilemmas take the backseat at the emergence of Mathias Morgenstern, a Vampire King on the verge of starting an all out war. If left unchecked, Mathias will rise to a powerful position that most won’t survive.

Vampires, Hunters, Guardians, and Fae alike are just a few of those that have gathered behind their new leader to overthrow an evil that threatens to consume them, and the rest of the world if they fail. Will Jules unlock her potential to save them all, or will evil overpower her with a sorrow she thought she’d never have to experience again?

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Fast-Paced Paranormal Romance – Fans of Charlaine Harris Will Love This Book.

~ An Amazon Reviewer

There are so many twists and turns in this story it made for a great book, one that kept me on the edge of my seat.

~ An Amazon Reviewer

I loved this book. The heroine Jules is a completed bada**, and her vampire king…can we say sexy? Character development was great and the more I read, the more involved I felt until I was completely in love.

~ An Amazon Reviewer