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Below you can find out more information about each book in the Shifters & Guardians Series, COMING SOON!

Rightful Reign

Shifter Alexia Lightly is running out of time.

Alexia has missing jaguars to find, a tribe to protect, and somewhere in between, she’s supposed to negotiate a treaty with a pack of stubborn wolves.

Logan Greene is under strict orders from his superiors: monitor Alexia Lightly to ensure she doesn’t start a shifter war. The order was easier before he saw her. Now, the more he watches her, the more compelled he is to help her.

War is brewing, forcing them into each other’s lives.  Can Alexia trust the sexy stranger who showed up at her side…or will he betray her, starting a chain of events that will threaten her entire tribe?

If you enjoyed The Mortal Instruments or The Premonition Series, you won’t want to miss this epic clashing of wolves, jaguars, and angels.

Rightful Reign was originally part of the Strange Magic Box Set that released in February 2019. It will be re-released SOON!

Alpha’s Ascension

Alexia Lightly’s pack is facing their elimination with a danger greater than they can fight.

The jaguars of the Lightly tribe are thrust into the brink of war with the wolves. Wolves that have kidnapped Alexia’s brother, who they believe to be the alpha, and her best friend, along with countless other jaguars.

What the wolves don’t know is that Alexia’s brother isn’t the alpha, Alexia is. And with her rise to power comes the risky responsibility of trying to save her pack.

Logan Greene is the only one who can stop the impending war, but to do that he has to get to Alexia again. The bond between the two of them can save everyone, but Logan’s been arrested and betrayed by the man who helped raise him, and getting back to Alexia will be no easy task.

If he fails to get back to her and convince her that trusting him wasn’t the biggest mistake of her life, the jaguars will be left alone to try and protect themselves from not just the wolves, but from a menacing and powerful Guardian as well.

Fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Premonition series won’t want to miss this epic conclusion to the Shifters & Guardians duology.