THE WAIT IS OVER … Souls and Shadows is available for Pre-Order on AMAZON!

We made it! You guys have been so patient (okay, not all of you – but I love you for that) 🙂 It has been a long wait …


BUT — Souls and Shadows is NOW available for Pre-Order on Amazon! YEP! If you have seen me posting about people pre-ordering on other platforms, and getting their 15 additional e-books with their pre-orders, and you’ve been sitting there having to wait because you are a Kindle reader … YOUR TIME HAS COME!

So without further ado … here it is … the link to pre-order Souls and Shadows on Amazon:

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So Happy Pre-Ordering my friends <3 Thank you for all of your support!

Psst … stay tuned in the coming weeks for some insider teasers to my book within the set!! If you are into time travel, vampires and kick butt heroines, you’re not going to want to miss my new series, which kicks off exclusively in the Souls and Shadows set!

A Hunter Rises is LIVE!

Have you heard the word? A Hunter Rises (Book 2 in the Alliance of Power Duology) is LIVE on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Which means, this series is complete!

I can’t wait for you to see where this adventure takes Jules, Seeley, Henry and the rest of the mix-matched crew!

Look at these teasers to get you pumped …

Not enough yet? How about this teaser…

The doors to the room flew open, and a domineering man snarled as he entered. “Kellan! Lucian! So help me you had better be right and have gotten to her after you let him get away.”

I stared, wide-eyed, barely breathing as the tall man entered the room. His dark hair was combed and gelled to the side, slicked back in a perfect fashion. He wore a gray button-up shirt that had the top few buttons undone, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His black slacks hung fitted around his waist and the pants followed his movements perfectly, like they were made just for him. The veins in his forearms and exposed neck were visible as he yelled in anger at Kellan, and the man next to me, who I assumed to be Lucian.

This man was terrifying, but incredibly alluring at the same time. I knew he was dangerous, I sensed it, but his appearance made him come off like he was a handsome superstar, instead of a threat. I was confident he was a vampire. I was also confident he probably didn’t have a hard time catching his prey looking the way he did.

The man next to me finally stopped muttering incoherently and stepped back, giddy with excitement as he turned to face the man who had just entered the room.

“My King, she’s here.” His voice held a reverent tone.

The man’s attention snapped to me, and the left corner of his mouth turned up. He stalked toward me slowly and bowed his head, searching my eyes, or Kellan’s because I wasn’t sure if I was actually here with him.

His finger slipped under this body’s chin and a cold sensation of fear tingled down my neck.

“Jules Van Helsing. We’re about to have so much fun together.” I shivered as he leaned in closer to my ear. “Come to me now, or Seeley Ronan dies.”

“No,” I gasped, feeling like I was being pulled away suddenly. I had to get away. I had to wake up. This was a nightmare, a terrible nightmare.

“We’re losing her, Mathias,” Lucian said.

My eyes snapped quickly back to the man before me and widened in shock. I was staring at Mathias, and he knew who I was. I screamed.

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New Release Announcement! Introducing Strange Magic!

Some of you may know the news already, but for those that don’t … I’ve got a NEW RELEASE for a Secret Project!!!

Introducing a collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy books … STRANGE MAGIC!

My novel Rightful Reign, the first book in the Shifters and Guardians Duology, is included in this incredible collection! You’re sure to find quite a few books in this set that you can’t put down!

You can grab it on Amazon NOW for $1.99 for a LIMITED TIME (PSST — it’s on other retailers for just $.99, too)! The price will go back up to full price in just a few more days, so snag it while it’s on sale.

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Happy Reading!!

Meet the Authors: Souls and Shadows

Meet the Authors: Souls and Shadows

I’m sure you’ve seen me talking about Souls and Shadows, now that it’s officially available for pre-order on Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (Amazon links are coming soon). It’s the limited edition, paranormal romance and urban fantasy box set that I’m a part of that is aiming for making the USA Today Bestsellers List!

I’m so excited about this set, I can’t even properly put into words how I feel — which I should be able to as an author, you know 🙂

My book is called, The Time Traveler’s Awakening. The Time Traveler’s Awakening has it all – sexy, rogue vampires who have taken up pirating, maliciously evil shifters and a time traveling heroine. When Ember Brighton learns that she’s much more than a medical student, she embarks on a dangerous journey to save time from those who wish to control it. With the help of the sexy vampire, Rane Andersson, she’ll either have the chance she needs to succeed, or realize she has much more to learn in this new magical world. If you like your romances packed with mystery, action and surprise, you won’t want to miss the prequel to the Magic Bound Saga, The Time Traveler’s Awakening!

I wanted to share with you, not only some details on MY book, but also a little bit about some of the authors in the set! Check out this great blog tour link that introduces you to some of my fellow authors AND to the books they have that will be releasing as a part of Souls and Shadows!

Happy Reading: