Ariya Adams Trilogy


She’s the most important person in his entire world, even if she doesn’t know it. He’ll sacrifice everything to keep her safe.

Ariya Adams has no idea she’s descended from blood so powerful and rare that her life is infinitely more precious than any ordinary woman’s—especially to James Rymer.

James enters her life and stirs up feelings she can’t explain. He becomes a part of her world almost overnight, but Ariya senses he’s hiding something, and she’s determined to figure out what it is.

When “normal” becomes a thing of the past and fantasy enters Ariya’s reality, she’s soon faced with dangerous revelations, the least of which is that everyone she loves has been keeping secrets from her. With a paranormal evil she’s only beginning to comprehend threatening her and her friends, Ariya will have to choose between duty and love. Through it all, she’ll learn to never underestimate the power of blood.

If you’re a fan of Richelle Mead or L.J. Smith, you won’t want to miss reading this thrilling first installment to the trilogy that fans are calling “captivating,” “page-turning” and “not your typical vampire story.”

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How far can a human mind be pushed before it breaks? 

Nothing is ever quite as it seems, at least not for Ariya Adams. She’s only recently discovered the supernatural world is real, and that world wants something from her. Her blood. Her unique ability to heal both werewolves and vampires with only a few drops gives Ariya a great power. However, that power has put her in unfathomable danger.

James, her sexy vampire boyfriend and Protector, has done well keeping Ariya safe in the past. When a new, more powerful and manipulative evil comes into play, it may prove to be more than they can handle, especially when their forbidden affair makes Ariya more vulnerable to the deceptive new enemy seeking to control her. Her grasp on reality will be tested and twisted as she battles to save James, her friends, and herself.

Despite her determination, she comes face to face with a pain greater than she ever imagined. Even the most powerful abilities have limitations, and this time, the power of her blood might not be enough to save those she loves most.

If all else is lost, will Ariya survive?

Don’t miss this dark and dangerous second installment to the Ariya Adams Trilogy, an intense paranormal romance that’s perfect for fans of Richelle Mead and L.J. Smith! 

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She’ll sacrifice everything to protect the ones she loves. 

Ariya Adams has a powerful ability that has protected those close to her from every danger they’ve faced. With Audrey, a powerful and malicious being on the loose, Ariya and her friends are on a mission of vital importance: they must find a weapon that can destroy the most dangerous evil the Protectors have ever encountered. The problem is, they have no idea who they can trust.

That’s not the only complication though.

Ariya has a life-changing secret and must carry out her own mission without her Protectors finding out…especially James, who is already watching her every move. With Audrey closing in, there’s no time to question the magnitude of the sacrifice she’ll have to make to save her friends.

Don’t miss this epic, page-turning final installment to the Ariya Adams Trilogy to discover if good really conquers evil, or if Audrey will succeed in destroying everything Ariya holds dear, once and for all. 

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Ariya Adams…she’s a firecracker! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had everything I was looking for! Anna Applegate is an awesome author and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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The twists and turns in this book were MIND BLOWING! I cried, I laughed,I was scared, I was excited,ETC. Talk about a tear jerking emotional roller-coaster.

~ An Amazon Reviewer

What a satisfying ending to this PNR series! Highly recommend reading the first two books prior to this one so you get the full story! Engaging from start to finish, and loads of action/angst! Ariya was such an amazing character throughout this series, would be awesome as a tv series with such a kick a#% chick!

~ An Amazon Reviewer