An excerpt from S.A. McClure’s Spell Breaker available exclusively in Souls and Shadows.

The sound of a paw clawing at the icy ground rustled just beyond the tree Emma was leaning against. The faint smell of carrion clung to the air. Her chest tightened as she swallowed. Every pulse of her heart thrummed in ears.

This was it.

She breathed in deeply, letting the cool air calm her mind. She focused on the way the air filled her chest. She forced it down, down, down until it was pressurized in her abdomen. She held it there. She envisioned the attack.

She released the breath in a cloud of mist.

The beast’s shadow stretched over her. She gave herself one more moment to pause. To consider. To see the way the spear would punch into the beast’s hide. She needed to protect Iris. It wasn’t just for herself or for her sister; it was for all the animals she’d found dead in the corridors of Balkeen’s mountain lair. It was for the way the beast had tracked her. Relentlessly pursued her, like a dog on the hunt for the fox.

She was no one’s prey.

She was the huntress.

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