Check out this all-new teaser to the 2nd book in the Alliance of Power Duology! The title and cover will be released soon, and the book is set to be released in  March 2019!


The doors to the room flew open and a domineering man snarled as he entered. “Kellan! Lucian! So help me you had better be right and have gotten to her after you let him get away.”

I was barely breathing as I started wide-eyed at the man who had entered the room. His dark hair was combed and gelled to the side, slicked back in a perfect fashion. He wore a gray button up shirt that had the top few buttons undone, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His black slacks hung fitted around his waist and followed his movements perfectly, like they were made just for him. The veins in his forearms and exposed neck were visible as he yelled in anger at Kellan, and the man next to me, who I assumed to be Lucian.

This man was terrifying, but incredibly alluring at the same time. I knew he was dangerous, I sensed it, but his appearance made him come off like he was a handsome superstar, instead of a threat. I was confident he was a vampire. I was also confident he probably didn’t have a hard time catching his prey looking the way he did.

The man next to me finally stopped muttering incoherently and stepped back, giddy with excitement as he turned slightly to face the man who had just entered the room.

“My King, she’s here,” he said in a reverent tone.

The man’s attention snapped to me and the corner of the left side of his mouth turned up. He stalked towards me slowly and bowed his head, searching my eyes, or Kellan’s because I wasn’t sure if I was actually here with him.

His finger slipped under my chin and I felt a cold fear tingle down my neck. “Jules Van Helsing. We’re about to have so much fun together.” I shivered as he leaned in closer to my ear. “Come to me now, or Seeley Ronan dies.”

“No,” I gasped, feeling like I was being pulled away suddenly.

I had to get away. I had to wake up. This was a nightmare, a terrible nightmare.

“We’re losing her, Mathias,” Lucian said.

My eyes snapped quickly back to the man before me and widened. I was staring at Mathias, and he knew who I was. I screamed.


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