It’s here! 2018 has officially been welcomed in. You might already be sick of the motivational posts and the reminders to set new goals for yourself! So don’t worry, I’ll keep it semi-short & sweet!

Instead of encouraging resolutions, I’m going to borrow a page out of a friend’s book. I saw her post that instead of a list of resolutions, she was going to create a theme for 2018. I thought that would be a fun idea! So while I have goals for myself for this upcoming year (some are the same as every year I admit … get in shape, eat healthier, etc. etc.), I want to start 2018 off with a theme! It’s a 2-parter really, and one that I hope resonates with you as well.

My theme for 2018 is: Just Breathe & Dream Big!

I know I’m not the only one who lets herself get stressed out! I work full time as a wife, a mom of 4, a real 9-5 job and I work at writing and being an author as often as I can! Add in the daily curve balls life inevitably throws, and it can get pretty messy! Honestly, it can sometimes feel downright overwhelming! That’s where the Just Breathe comes in (does anyone else have a flash to Drew Barrymore in the scene from Ever After where she’s walking into the ball when you think those words?).

jut breathe

Just Breathe through the fears, the guilt, the mess, the struggles, all of it. Because they don’t last! Eventually, things look up and maybe if we can remember to breathe through those times, through the tough times, we might enjoy the ride more 🙂

Dream Big because, well, who doesn’t want to shoot for their dreams?! My favorite quote (take a peek below) is a Disney quote .. yes the sappy side of me is REALLY shinning through now, but I truly love it. Seriously, if anyone knows a thing or two about dreaming, Walt Disney does, amiright!?

Walt Disney qyote

I saw a comedian make fun of this concept the other day — he was saying you can’t actually be anything you want to be, so we shouldn’t be telling our children that. And while maybe that is true to some extent, you certainly will not be able to reach your goals if you don’t set them in some aspect! So why not set big goals? Why not Dream Big? Work hard, yes, but go ahead and dream big, too! What does it hurt in the end of you strive to have a year where you just decide you’ll be brave and accept those big dreams of yours?

So that’s it! Just Breathe & Dream Big for me in 2018! That’s what I have for you this New Year’s Day! I’m SO looking forward to everything that 2018 will bring and excited about the endless possibilities ahead!

I hope you have a safe and beautiful 2018!! Whatever you decide to focus on, hope for, achieve, just go for it! And not just in the month of January, when all that motivation is plentiful! Go for it ALL YEAR! We can cheer each other on along the way! Happy New Year & Happy 2018!

2018 image