Is it really 2015?! I can’t believe that I am sitting in my living room, staring at a calendar that reads January 2015. It just seems strange to me. Strange and fantastic!

Most people feel that the new year is a new, clean slate. I am one of those people…I’m definitely one of those people. That feeling has never been more true than this year, though.

2014, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, has been quite the doozy. The year taught me things about myself, about others, about finding my own strength, about starting again, and about being brave. It was a year where I tried to recharge, look after myself, and to try to find some balance again. I’m not sure how successful I was at the whole balancing thing, but I was successful at trying and at being strong.

As I close out a painful, yet challenging 2014, I am so excited about the future. There are so many positive, beautiful, and incredible things that I have planned for my 2015 already. The thought of getting to be the me that I was meant to (cliché, I know) is truly something I’m looking forward to. I’m blessed to have the people who really matter surrounding me and standing by me. I made it through this year filled with trials with a new heart and a new appreciation for the people I have in my life. I felt beaten and at the bottom, but I got back up. I dusted my heart off, opened it up again, and realized that without the painful times, I wouldn’t appreciate the amazing times that came at the end of the year.

I’m looking forward to new adventures, new books (yes, still working out Book 3, Sacrificed, I promise), new strength, and more love.

I hope that whatever point you are at in your journey, that you know you are strong. You are stronger than you think; stronger than you know. I hope you have courage, even when it doesn’t make sense to. Most importantly, I hope you never shut yourself out from the world around you. There are beautiful and wonderful things waiting for you, especially when you’re at rock bottom. I hope that 2015 brings you a turning point if you need it, love, laughter, and pure joy. Here’s to 2015!

I’ll be updating soon 🙂

~Sending love and well wishes from my home to yours~