Well it’s time! Thank you to all who participated in the Book 2 Character Name Contest! I had such fun reading your comments, seeing your dream casts, reading reviews, tweets, and more. 🙂

This character that our winners name belongs to is mentioned twice in Book 2. I can’t share the second time, because it will be a major spoiler, but the first is here! So the announcement is a semi-teaser. Check the excerpt below (**this is unedited) to find out who the winner is! Congrats to…..

James smiled, almost proudly at me. I was glad he was teaching me about my past. “When the Great Battle was over, and your ancestor saved my grandfather, he knew he had to take her away. There couldn’t be a trace of her, or she’d be in danger. He was the sole Protector left. They came to America. Marik was a baby at the time, and had been sent with my grandmother to the states a few months earlier when whispers of threats had come in. It was dangerous for them to travel without my grandfather, but perilous to stay lest they be discovered.”

I was always in awe of James when he spoke of the past. He flicked his eyes towards me, his smile spreading at my obvious enthrallment.

“They started off in Jamestown. My grandfather and grandmother raised your ancestor as their own. Her name was Cianna. She and Marik grew up close. Apparently, they were practically inseparable even with a five-year age difference. They all moved to Colorado when Marik was a teenager to begin training. There were others that my grandfather had begun turning by then, trying to rebuild the Protector legacy.”

James usually always referred to his father as Marik. While I loved listening to the history, he made his father sound like just another part of the story, not someone he even knew. The thought made me sad and I noticed James had stopped talking.

“Cianna is a pretty name.” I said, trying to distract him from any negative thoughts.

I wanted to know more, ask James what he meant by Cianna and Marik being close, but since he hated talking about his father, I stopped myself. I smiled at him in thanks and turned my attention outside the window to watch the snowy landscape as we passed through.


Congratulations Cianna Elizabeth on your win! Cianna earned a HUGE number of 77 points! 

2nd Place Winner: Anitra Townsend. Anitra posted up big numbers herself, earning 56 points! Now, I know I had said the Book 2 teaser that 2nd place would get was going to be juicy. But I’m talking SUPER juicy! Juicy as in…Anitra is actually getting an ARC of Book 2!!!  Congratulations to Anitra. 

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, shared, tweeted, etc. I love contests and prizes and I hope you had as much fun with this as I did!! 

Stay tuned….because the next contest will be sooner than you realize. I do have a Cover to reveal after all 🙂