I can’t say thank you enough for all of the support you all have given me.  I continue to meet so many wonderful authors, readers, and friends.  In honor of you, here is another teaser 🙂

Please Note: Final editing has not been done on the following work.


“Ariya,” he whispered as he brought his head down to mine.

I closed my eyes. What were we doing? He didn’t want to be with me but now, here like this, I didn’t want to stop him.

“Please,” I said back.  It was hard for me even to tell if I meant please stop or please don’t stop, but he took it to mean the latter.

He brought his lips to mine and fire burst from deep within me. What was he doing to me? How was it possible to have these feelings for someone? I parted my lips slightly and it was encouragement for him. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and I exploded all over again.

We were moving and suddenly, my back was against a tree. We were off the path at this point. His hand tugged at my ponytail breaking the band that had been holding it and he buried his fingers into my hair. Oh, this was heaven.

James’ hand ran up my leg jerking it around him as he shifted his body underneath me. He held me there, pinned to the tree. I obeyed the movement of his hands and wrapped my legs harder around his waist, locking them behind his back. His whole body pressed into mine as his mouth relentlessly ravished mine.

I had to pull back. I would drown in my feelings for him, especially if this wasn’t going to continue towards anything. I pulled my mouth away. The break in our connection felt painful but necessary. I couldn’t keep going in the direction this was headed right now.