Another Teaser to say Thank You for the Support!!!

I can’t say thank you enough for all of the support you all have given me.  I continue to meet so many wonderful authors, readers, and friends.  In honor of you, here is another teaser 🙂

Please Note: Final editing has not been done on the following work.


“Ariya,” he whispered as he brought his head down to mine.

I closed my eyes. What were we doing? He didn’t want to be with me but now, here like this, I didn’t want to stop him.

“Please,” I said back.  It was hard for me even to tell if I meant please stop or please don’t stop, but he took it to mean the latter.

He brought his lips to mine and fire burst from deep within me. What was he doing to me? How was it possible to have these feelings for someone? I parted my lips slightly and it was encouragement for him. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and I exploded all over again.

We were moving and suddenly, my back was against a tree. We were off the path at this point. His hand tugged at my ponytail breaking the band that had been holding it and he buried his fingers into my hair. Oh, this was heaven.

James’ hand ran up my leg jerking it around him as he shifted his body underneath me. He held me there, pinned to the tree. I obeyed the movement of his hands and wrapped my legs harder around his waist, locking them behind his back. His whole body pressed into mine as his mouth relentlessly ravished mine.

I had to pull back. I would drown in my feelings for him, especially if this wasn’t going to continue towards anything. I pulled my mouth away. The break in our connection felt painful but necessary. I couldn’t keep going in the direction this was headed right now.


Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author JL Durfey Visits Us!

Hi friends!

Since you still have some time to wait before Protected is released this Summer, I thought I’d try to hold you over a bit!

JL Durfey, a new author to the paranormal and urban fantasy world, is stopping by this evening to chat about her writing and her book, Dreamer (The Kali Lockton Trilogy Book 1). JL is amazing and one of the great new friends I have met on this new adventure.

Her book, Dreamer, is available NOW to buy. I really enjoyed it and if you are here because you like paranormal romance/urban fantasy – I think you will too!! Don’t worry I’ll give all those where to buy details later. For now, I’m going to grab my glass of wine and share my chat with JL!! Enjoy!

PS when you see Italics it is when I interjected my own thoughts lol. 

What inspired you to start writing?

Well, I’ve always been a writer. What began as poetry and inspirational quotes somehow led to full-fledged “I think I want to write a novel.” A few months before I began writing Dreamer, I had a story in mind, mapped it all out and found myself losing enthusiasm over the planning part. Fast forward to August of 2012, I sat down one day and just decided to try and write. I had no idea what my story would be about or who my characters were, I just let my crazy imagination take over and it all began unfolding in front of me. I loved it, it was exciting and I became addicted. Now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Since we’re on the topic now, what is Dreamer about?

Hmmm… I’ve always had a difficult time putting my story into a short description. Haha! Kali, the lead female, has a prophetic mind of sorts. She’s never been able to explain the visions she has or how she has them. She’s lived her life as the only person who took them seriously and would always make it her mission to try to prevent the catastrophes shown to her.
Things change for her, in more ways than one, when Jared, a smexy detective, shows up at her doorstep.  Not only does he believe in her visions, he also seems to know a thing or two about some of the more recent and seemingly impossible ones she’s had.

As the weeks pass, she is faced with the dilemma of confronting Jared about the things she sees, things that can’t possibly be real. Deep down, she believes he can answer the questions that have haunted her.

Once she does open up to him, everything begins to make sense, but she must accept the possibility of a world outside of her own. What scares her most, however, is the realization that she’d become the center of the dangers revealed to her in her sleep.

Jared will go to any length to protect her, even if it means putting his own life at risk. It is his world that has haunted her sleep, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her out of the hands of the ones who would love nothing more than to possess her and her ability.

So Jared…SMEXY detective and love interest???

Ohhh, yes! Jared is the love interest. 😉 I’m interjecting here: he’s jump into the book, swoon worthy, YUMM!!! But he isn’t the only sexy male to grace the pages of the book! I don’t want to spoil too much though.

Why will people enjoy reading Dreamer? Especially those who are fans of paranormal/urban fantasy?

Haha. Well this is a hard one to answer. If I remove myself from the author spotlight and think like a reader, I’d say because of the ability to relate to the characters, even the non-human ones. I would also say because it’s different. This isn’t a typical PNR/UF with vampires, werewolves and fairies, but hosts a world of realms and beings that are unique. I also love a good romance and I feel like I’ve successfully incorporated a believable and deep love between Kali and Jared. Yes, yes you have JL 🙂

This talk makes me want to re-read it! Can you tell me what your favorite part is without giving too much away?

As far as the written word goes, my favorite part is a rather angsty scene when Jared is forced to leave her in the protection of Alex, a natural born enemy to Jared. Who also happens to be a hottie!!! 

What has been your favorite part about writing this book?

I think the excitement of creating and sharing my creation with the world. It’s a thrill to experience a full-out takeover of a story that has become so real to you, a story that won’t relent until you put it on paper. Above all though, I was most excited over watching my characters begin to breathe a life of their own, so much so, that I couldn’t help but relinquish control to them.

Now, I know the first question from people once they read the book will be…When is Book 2 coming out??

I’m aiming for the end of August, but the date will be determined by when I get it back from my editor. The absolute latest will be early September. 🙂

So before we leave, how about a teaser from Dreamer (The Kali Lockton Trilogy Book 1)?

He chuckled, jerking my attention back to his face. Bad idea. My cheeks burned with fresh humility. I’ve never been awkward or shy around men, so I couldn’t understand how one glance at this man could dissolve my solid bones into a vapid puddle.

Sighing inwardly, I scolded myself for acting so pitifully. Regardless of who he was or what he looked like, he was only a person, no more or less than I. Forcing myself to think of him as nothing spectacular – which offered me little comfort, mind you – I held my head a tad higher and managed to act slightly less pathetic.

Daring to look straight into his eyes, I managed to hold his gaze and I proudly add that I did not spontaneously combust.

“Tea or ?”

“Water,” he interrupted with a ravishing grin. “I’ll take some water, Ms. Lockton.” His eyes danced with suppressed humor.

“Thank you.”

“Call me Kali,” I wavered, managing a small smile. “Ms. Lockton makes me sound like I’m your teacher.” I laughed, grateful that my confidence was on the rise again.

“Okay, Kali.” He winked, sending another flush of heat to my cheeks.

Turning briskly towards the fridge, I filled the glasses with ice and water before walking back around the counter. I set his glass in front of him and took mine with me as I sat down. The close proximity between us felt uncomfortably electric, although I doubted that sensation was mutual.

Sipping my water and chiding myself once again, I decided not to feel intimidated by him by reminding myself he was, after all, just a person. Every time I looked at him, I gulped down my thoughts of admiration quickly before making a fool out of myself again.

Detective Miles took a sip of his water and set it back down. He stared at me intently as his long fingers drummed the hard surface of the counter top.

Before he could unnerve me once more, I broke the uncomfortable silence.

“So you want to talk to me about my dream?” I asked tentatively, dropping my gaze to my hands and twiddling my thumbs nervously.

Now where can we buy Dreamer?

Click Here to see Dreamer available on Amazon

Click Here to see Dreamer available on Barnes and Noble

A BIG thank you to JL Durfey for spending some time with us! Now go snag a copy of her book and get lost in it 🙂 If you’d like to contact JL directly, you can!! Visit her here at JL Durfey’s Facebook

Have a great night out there!!

James Rymer…Teaser #2

I can’t hold it in any longer! I think it’s time to give you all a sneak peek at James Rymer, the mysterious and sexy male lead of Protected.


I saw Riley coming towards us.

“Ariya! I’ve been looking for you. I wanted you to meet a friend of mine, James Rymer. He just joined the hockey team and I told him he had to meet our cheerleaders.”

I made a face at him for the cheerleader comment before turning to see who I was being introduced to.

If I thought Caroline and Ashley had handsome men on their arms, I couldn’t even think of a word to describe James. His light brown hair fell in his face ever so slightly and beautiful light blue eyes with darker spots scattered throughout them looked back at me. I’d never seen eyes like his before. His skin was flawless and his jaw defined. He was taller than me by a good bit; I am 5’8” but had to tilt my head back slightly to see all of him. He had to be over 6 feet tall.

James was wearing a black shirt that hugged his chest and I could tell he wasn’t overly buff, but he was defined, broad-shouldered and solid. My breath caught for a minute and I tried to recover swiftly.

I reached out my hand, “Ariya Adams.”

He smiled out of the side of his mouth and just said, “James.”

His voice was low and strong. It’s the kind of voice I imagine women think a man has when fantasizing about being whisked away by the guy off the cover of a romance novel. I tried to think of something clever to say but my brain was just fogged.

What was wrong with me? I never acted like this.


Would James make you speechless too? Hope you enjoyed meeting him 🙂

Teaser Time For All!!

Hello friends! 

Book 1 is complete!!!! Well, almost. Now it’s off for final editing 🙂

Finishing it tonight felt so good. I can’t wait to get the edits back and then finalize everything for you all! One step closer to getting Protected out there and into your hands. 

Now that my lovely e-mail list members have had some time to sink their teeth into the teaser I sent out, and due to the fact that I am so excited to share SOMETHING with you, I’m posting the teaser that went out to the mailing list last week. I hope you enjoy this little peek into the world I’ve been living in for the past 8 months 🙂 


“I’m gonna run to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” 

I got up to head out to the concourse. The restrooms were off to the side from where the students sat, a bit out of the way. I headed towards the doors.

I was finishing up, washing my hands, when I thought I saw a shadow cross the mirror. I glanced up and didn’t see anything strange.The lights must be warming up still, I thought to myself looking up again at their flickering. They had been switched off for the entire summer after all.

I grabbed the door handle to leave when someone’s arm shot out, slamming the door shut in front of me. Before I could even turn around I was shoved up against the wall with a strong, rather large hand grasping my throat. I almost couldn’t breathe. I opened my eyes to see I was staring straight into the face of Devon.

I clawed at his hand around my throat, trying to gasp in what little air was able to get through my windpipe.

“Not so protected now, are we?” Devon growled.

His eyes were glowing like they were the night of Ashley’s party. Just like they were when I caught them behind her building. His voice was harsh and his arm muscles were bulging. I thought to myself that there was no way it was possible for him to be holding me up like this.

“Listen carefully, Ariya. You are going to do exactly what I say or you are going to regret it.”

He lowered me and released his hand from my throat only to shove both of my shoulders hard against the wall again. It knocked the wind out of me as I felt my head hit the solid concrete wall behind me hard. He was strong, painfully strong.

My vision started blurring from the impact.  It almost felt unbearable to have that kind of strength pushing into my shoulders. I tried catching my breath, gulping as much as possible to regain some of the air that had been pushed out of my lungs so roughly.

“What are you doing?”

My voice was raspy and my throat was almost numb from the pain of having it strangled. The throbbing in my head was getting worse. How hard had I hit it? Sharp pain was causing even my eyes to hurt.

“Shut up and listen to me. I’m tired of waiting for you.”

There was something seriously wrong with this guy. He leaned into me, sniffing my hair, and I thought I was going to gag. How had I ever thought he was attractive?

“You’re so beautiful.”

He brought his lips close to mine and I wanted to back away but he had me pinned against the wall. Pulling on lessons learned in my self-defense class, I made a sudden movement to try to bring my leg to hit him in the balls. He was too fast, though, and he grabbed my leg.

“Shame on you, Ariya.”

I started to scream, but he brought his hand up to cover my mouth.

“Now, now. I’m not going to really hurt you. Not yet at least.”

He punched me in the gut swiftly, pushing all the breath I had managed to get back a moment ago out of me. My mouth was open, trying desperately to take in some air. My legs wanted to bend but Devon shoved my shoulders back again, keeping me from falling.

“You are going to ditch Caroline, Nick, and especially James. You are going to come with me ALONE. Do you..”

He was cut off from the rest of his threat by the restroom door flying open. It was Caroline. I tried to call her name to tell her to leave, but had no voice to do so. Instead of being able to warn her and have her safe, I was trapped. She was going to be hurt if I didn’t speak. I went to say her name but could only cough.

Caroline was standing in the doorway and I thought I could see Nick behind her as well. She ran through the door and rushed at Devon.

“Let go you wretched animal!”

She slammed into him harder than I would have thought possible. Devon roughly let go of me when Caroline crashed into him.  I crumbled onto the floor. I looked up to try to warn Caroline and to tell her that Devon was really strong. Nothing would come out of my mouth no matter how hard as I tried.

My mouth throbbed. My whole back began to ache as well from being slammed twice into the cement wall. My stomach felt like its insides were moved around in places they shouldn’t be. How was Caroline keeping Devon back against the wall so easily? Was this actually happening?

Devon started grinning wide and opened his mouth. He lunged at Caroline like he was going to bite her. I saw a whirl of dark color, which turned out to be Nick. I could finally see more clearly since things had stopped blurring for a minute.

Nick had moved Devon from the wall and was now holding him back away from Caroline. He had pulled Devon away from her so quickly that none of it seemed real. It was like watching parts of a movie in fast forward. It looked strangely familiar, these blurs of color. I tried to focus on Caroline’s face to see if she was okay but my vision was going in and out. From what I could see, she looked like she wasn’t fazed or scared at all. Was she smiling? Impossible. I brought my hands to my head to see if I could gain some balance.

“That’s enough.” Nick was growling in Devon’s ear.

I couldn’t comprehend what I was watching. It felt like my mind was not able to correctly process what was happening.

“You’ve got your royal here to save her if she dies. Why not see if the rumors are true?”

Devon must have said something horrible in that sentence to Nick because Nick reached down and there was a loud snap and a crunching sound. Devon screamed. My vision was so hazy at this point that I couldn’t see anything of what was really happening anymore. My eyes were heavy and my body slumped again. It sounded like Nick had broken something of Devon’s. What else could that noise have been?

Devon was done screaming and I could hear him say, “You’re going to be so sorry.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. My throat was still hurting and my body was shaking. I was nauseous and dizzy. I didn’t even care that I was on a filthy bathroom floor. My body, my brain, nothing seemed to be working right. I fell forward onto the floor and into a black hole.

I was drifting. Things were fuzzy as the world was going black and then lighter and back to black in my mind. I hurt. My back felt bruised. I could hear voices every so often. They were pieces of sentences that barely made sense.


“She needs blood… heal her…make her forget…protect her.”

I tried to get the voices to come closer. What were they talking about? Who needs blood? Me? When I tried to focus to speak more and ask my questions, pain came. A shadow approached.

Darkness overcame me again.


Hope you enjoyed!! 🙂


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